Otto, Hans-Uwe & Polutta, Andreas & Ziegler, Holger (Hrsg.)
Evidence-based Practice - Modernising the Knowledge Base of Social Work?

: 6/2009
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: Buch paperback

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Written for students and practitioners of social work and social policy, this volume features selected writings on evidence-based practices and how these new perspectives re-evaluate and reshape “the character of welfare professionalism”.

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The quest to create an evidence-based Social Work practice is emerging strongly in different fields of Social Work and social policy.

In this volume internationally renowned proponents and opponents of this approach deliver profound analyses of the meaning and implications of an evidence based perspective which clearly challenges the nature of the knowledge base of the established Social Work practice and apparently reevaluates and reshapes the character of welfare professionalism.



From the Contents

What Knowledge?  Evidence-based Practice, Profession and Users

Bruce Thyer (USA), The Quest of EBP

Duyvendak/Tonkens (NL), User-based Logics and the Never Ending Inequality between Users and Professionals.

Roberta Iversen (USA), Are we subjugating the User of Social Work research to save the Profession?

Janet Newman (GB), Re-evaluating Knowledge, Reframing Problems: Modernisation, Regulation and Choice

Malcolm Payne (GB), Knowledge, Evidence and The Wise Person of Practice 


Organising, Measuring and Implementing Evidence

Edward Mullen (USA), The Cycle of Evidence-based Practice

John Harris (GB), The What Works Business

Mirko Noordegraaf (NL), Managing by Measuring

Haluk Soydan (S), Applying Randomised Control Trials and systematic reviews in Social Work Research

Martyn Hammersley (GB), The Nature of Research Evidence

Richard Gelles (USA), The Current State of Evidence-based Practice in Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence


Towards an Evidence-based Professionalism

Geraldine Mac Donald (GB), Evidence-based Decision Making and the Professional Role

Sue White (GB),  Reflective Practitioners as “Trickster”

Stephen Webb (GB), Towards an Actuarial Profession

Chris Clark (GB), Knowledge for Competent and Ethical Practice



The editors:

Prof. Dr. Hans-Uwe Otto

Andreas Polutta

Holger Ziegler

all:  University of Bielefeld, Germany,


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